Shifu To Do & Task Manager for Android Based Mobiles

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If you don’t have a habit to remember daily tasks or special events, a very nice android application Shifu is available in latest android market for you. Shifu is designed like a personal assistant. It automatically observes each and every activity of the Smartphone and gives you reminders, if you have missed any necessary call or msg.

Why Shifu ?

Other reminder applications are also available in android market, but Shifu is very flexible for changes, you can set it manually as per your requirement so that you will not get disturbed by unnecessary alerts. It is very simple application like a real notepad, which give you alerts.

You can manage the reminders based on important calls, time, location, birthday, network or group. For example you can set a reminder like “Call Mom by 08:00 pm” and Shifu will remind you every day or as managed by you.
You can also set the alarm to pay bill, shopping, meeting, taking medicine, uploading pictures or videos, using of networks when it comes in signal or set reminder to visit any place when you are nearby with the help of GPS. Shifu allows you to tie with other important activities like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Mails, SMS, calls.

How Shifu works?

Shifu is linked with Google+ and Facebook, it doesn’t access in your private data, it just tracks you facebook contacts, birthday details and some other information like other application. It also keep a record of you calls, like frequent callers, family and special friends and give alarm in case of missing any important call or message from them.

Overall it is really nice application, which is flexible and easier in use compare to other similar application, especially for business persons and students to manage time.

Shifu: To Do & Task Manager is available on Play Store at free of cost.

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