Akash Tab 2 Full Specifications and Availability

As we know last year Indian Government announced about their first Tab Computer Akash Tab, Akash Tab 1 was based on Android 2.2 froyo, in the addition now Akaash 2 is going to launched this month.

Update : Aakash Tab will going to launched in April now, the demand is too high so they are not able to deliver Aakash Tab 2 in this month. (Refrance : News in NDTV India)

Finally the wait is over, commercial version of Akash Tab 2 (Ubislate 7) is now available to book, most probably it will be launched in late January 2012. Akash Tab 2 is improved and advanced version of Akash Tab 1 and it has lots of improvement, first in OS, it is based on New Android 2.3 Gingerbread where Akash Tab 1 had Android 2.2 froyo, second major change in processor where Akash Tab 1 has ARM – 11 366 MHz Processor it has Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz Processor.

The battery and connectivity options are also improved, Akash Tab 2 will now have WiFi and GPRS phone network and improved 3200 mAh battery which definitely gives more battery backup.

Akash Tab 1 has Made in India label where New Akash Tab 2 is Made in China.

Akash Tab 1 and Akash Tab 2 Comparison Table

Akash Tab 1

Akash Tab 2

Operating System Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread )
Processor ARM – 11 366 MHz Processor Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz Processor
Battery 2100 mAh battery 3200 mAh battery
Connectivity WiFi Only WiFi & GPRS Phone network
Price Price Rs. 2500/- Price Rs. 2999/-
  1. USB Ports : Aaksh Tab has built in USB 2.0 ports, so you can easily connect a usb keyboard or camera with it.
  2. External Memory : Like most of Android devices it also has SD Card slot with 32GB support.
  3. 3.5mm Audio Jack: built in 3.5mm audio jack to listen music loud.
  4. Display Resolution: 800×480 pixels

Akash Tab 2 A Closer Look

Akash Tab 2

Akahsh Video Review By NDTV

Pre-book Akash tab 2 using this link pre-book akash tab. It doesn’t matter what you can do with a tablet, it matters that a $35 Tab can also do the same, Akash Tab will be launched this month over 1,00,000 devices will going to sell in this lot.

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    1. Yes you may buy it, but for now it is not available to buy from market you have to book aakash tab and that will be delivered to you soon there may be 2-3 waiting, please the post content again there is a link present to book aakash tab 2.

  1. i already booked that tab,but u r very slow to deliver….so plz provide…i m very excited to use that tab….plz urgent deliver

    1. Akash Tab 2 is advance version of this Tab, there are lots of improvement in new Akash Tab 2, so it is better for sure.

  2. one more.. Pls say akash 2 is worth buying or not. Most of the time i use internet in opera mini and apps like e buddy and nimbuzz. May be i m a facebook worm. Can i play angrybirds on it.

    1. Yes it can be useful, you can install applications on it like facebook and can play angry bird also, it it have android market, you can install a lots of applications on it.

  3. will Akash tab support java? can we use  microsoft office 2007 in it? can we use all word and excel sheet in it?
    I need to know about it?

    1. No Office 2007 is made for windows os and you can’t use it in android, another application Think Office for android can be useable in android os, that is available in android market.

  4. i hv booked ub slate7. i wnt to in how many days i ll get it. is it cash on dilivery? or sendng draft is mendatory. plz reply

  5. Sayakroychowdhury733


    can i make a call from akash 2 tab,and r there any drawbacks of akash 2,and does it support all types of sim card for web connection…plzz rply soon

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