How to Update LG Phone Firmware?

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In this tutorial you may learn how to update LG phone firmware, well it doesn’t require any special skills and you can easily update your LG phone firmware by download a simple tool provided by LG, also you don’t need to move to the service center.

First, that is so important to know is there any new firmware update available for your phone? How would you know that? Simply you can check for a firmware update available for your cellphone at LG Mobile Phone Support, where you check without download anything. If you found an firmware update available for your phone then you should have to update your lg phone firmware to your mobile phone as soon as possible.

Update LG Phone Firmware

Update LG Phone Firmware

Why you should update lg phone firmware?

An firmware update indicates a newer version of your phone software or firmware, the new softwareupdate will comes with fixed technical issues, problems and many other reliability issues that missed in present firmware version, if your phone has low battery backup or any software problem, you may get fix this problem by softwareupdate.

How to update LG Phone Firmware?

Now let’s discuss about the update firmware, you should have to know about the requirements, before updating your lg phone firmware, please check you should have:

  1. Working internet connection.
  2. You should have a data cable.
  3. Check your phone battery is full.
  4. Backing up your phones contents, data and other files.

Download LG Mobile Support Tool from B2CAppSetup.exe (245 KB) and save to your computer.

  • Run B2CAppSetup.exe and install.
  • Install USB Drivers correctly, that will help to connect your phone with your pc.
  • You will see and icon named LGMobile update on your desktop, double click to open, if your phone connected you will see the Start Updating button will be enabled and clickable, click on start updating button, an newer window will open.
  • Don’t disconnect your phone and follow the on screen instructions. That may take some time to download new firmware and install on your phone, after successful update your phone will restart.

That’s it you have successfully updated your cell phones firmware, to confirm you can run the application LGMobile update again and verify, if your phone was updated successfully you can clearly see and massage:

“The Cell phone is the latest version already. So you don’t need to update.”

And the Start Updating button will disable.

After this you can use your phone as earlier don’t forget to recopy your data and files to your phone. If you would like any more information regarding the same you may contact us by commenting here.

Please Note: This tutorial is based on actual experience by me and posted for information basis only. I/We are not responsible for any loss of data or damage. You may use update lg phone firmware on your behalf only.

  • jikskol

    i tried doing this but it says check the internet connection and execute the program? what does this mean